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MEL Filter Systems

Manz Engineering Ltd manufactures and markets the MEL Filter System


Mel Filter Systems include:


1. MEL Polishing Filter (MEL-PF)  

2. MEL Biological Filter (MEL-BF) 

3. MEL Carbon Filter (MEL-CF)     

4. MEL Roughing Filter (MEL-RF) 

Filters manufactured using stainless steel and high density polyethylene.


Filters are available in a variety of capacities.  Materials other than stainless steel may be requested.

4 meter x 4 meter being readied for water testing.


All MEL filters are thoroughly tested prior to shipping.

Four 4 meter x 4 meter filters loaded on truck ready for transport to site.


Filters are designed to be transported using readily available transport systems.

Installation of MEL filters in water treatment plant.


MEL works very closely with project engineers providing all necessary technical support for a successful project.

MEL pilot plant.


MEL recommends that all prospective treatment projects be pilot tested prior to final selection of process and design.

Brochure and Supporting Literature

Information pertaining to available products, price and conditions of sale, engineering specifications, installation instructions, piloting, performance studies and completed projects are available on request.  Emails should be addressed to:   The technical brochure outlines opportunities for using the MFS highlighting the advantages of the filter technology  plus general specifications and implementation guidelines.