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Davnor's Business

Davnor Water Filters Ltd. manufactures and markets small plastic BioSand Water Filters (BSF's).   While superficially similar to the traditional BSF designs, the technology is unique.  The Davnor filters have a global market, in both rural and urban settings, or on North American farms, recreational properties and acreages and households too remote to obtain water from treated sources (e. g. Northern Canadian communities) and emergency water treatment situations.  The Davnor filtration technology compliments the concrete household BSF typically used in disadvantaged rural communities.  The advantage of the plastic BSF is the ability to produce a large volume of high quality units which can be easily distributed with the knowledge that they will be correctly promoted, sold, installed and technically supported.

Sample of Davnor Filter Products - see link below


Davnor manufactures and markets small scale plastic water filtration systems that are simple enough that engineering or other specialized technical knowledge may not be required.

The three basic automation systems that employ the Davnor BSF60 filter can be enhanced by adding additional filters operating in parallel, adding UV disinfection between the filter and the treated water storage tank, a water softener to reduce hardness, an activated carbon filter to remove color and odor and adding a household reverse osmosis unit after the re-pressurization pump to remove dissolved solids from drinking water (all wastewater from the reverse osmosis unit is returned to the storage tank - no waste). 

First Davnor Filter Manz BSF 12


The Manz BSF 12, marketed as the Cabin Clean Water Filter, produces a maximum of 12 liters per hour.  It is the smallest BSF filter marketed by Davnor.  The filter has several unique features including the ability to be commissioned and cleaned using a backwash process.  The filter is normally manually operated but can be operated automatically.  Features such as UV disinfection can be added.

Second Davnor Filter Manz BSF 60


This filter can produce  up to 60 liters per hour when treating surface water or up to 100 liters per hour when treating groundwater.  The filter is designed to be automatically operated and cleaned using a backwash process.

Note that until recently this filter was marketed by Manz Engineering Ltd. as the MEL BSF 60.

Davnor Automatic Groundwater Filtration System for Iron Removal


This is the basic automatic filtration system for removal of iron from well water.   This system includes an aeration tank prior filtration.  It was developed by Davnor Water Treatment Technologies Ltd. and used very successfully on several farms and acreages in Western Canada.  The use of the Manz BSF 60 greatly enhances the treatment technology.

Davnor Automatic Groundwater Filtration Including Pretreatment for both Iron and Manganese Removal


This is the basic automation filtration  system for removal or iron and manganese from well water.  It includes pretreatment (using additional aeration or chlorination perhaps) before the basic aeration tank.  Performance is enhanced using the Manz BSF 60.

Davnor Automatic Surface Water Filtration System


This is the basic automation filtration system to treat surface water for removal of suspended solids and pathogens.  Pretreatment (e. g. settling some of the larger suspended solids) can be added if necessary.   It is advisable to use UV disinfection between the filter and the treated water storage tank.  The performance of this system is greatly enhanced by using the Manz BSF 60.

Literature Introducing Davnor Filters

The best information on the Cabin Clean Water Filter may be found in the dedicated web site, www.cabincleanwaterfilter.com

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