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Current information on the BioSand Water Filter, products from Davnor and Manz Eng. Ltd. and info on climate change.



Welcome the newest member of the BioSand Water Filter family.  The 'Cabin' joins the millions of BioSand Water Filters operating around the world.

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BioSand Water Filter - see page.

David Manz was recently given the Alberta Order of Excellence for his development of the biosand water filter.

Davnor Water Filters Ltd. - see page

Highlights the newest versions of the commercially available household BSF technology that incorporates the most up-to-date technology available to provide safe water in developed and underdeveloped communities and emergency circumstances.

Manz Engineering Ltd. - see page

Highlights the newest commercial versions of the BSF technology for use in small to very large communities.

Global Warming and Climate Change - See Page

Course Outline of University of Calgary course on Global Warming and Climate Change


The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the science of global warming and climate change to anyone who is interested - in a language they can understand.   Climate change affects every aspect of water! 

This course has been offered once or twice a year for more than ten years.  It is updated at least once a year.



Details of presentations and assignments for a five week - three hours per week course on the science of global warming and climate change.



Copies of actual three hour power point presentations given each week.



Versions of the biosand water filter are being commercialized around the world.

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See Cabin Clean Water Filter for description of the most recent member of the Biosand Water Filter family.

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Biosand water filter is considered the best point of use filter for developing countries.

Intro to Science of Global Warming and Climate Change

Presentation: Introduction to Global Warming and Climate Change 2019-03-15 (pdf)


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Alberta Order of Excellence Web Site