Science of Global Warming and Climate Change. Photo from NASA
A Learning Guide to the
Science of Global Warming and Climate Change

David H. Manz, PhD, P. Eng.
October 2014

  • The reality of global warming and climate change (and ocean acidification) resulting from human activities is "an inconvenient truth".

    Every aspect of our "water environment" will be negatively impacted including access to safe drinking water.

  • I firmly believe that the most important first step in achieving a timely global solution to the challenges the disaster presently unfolding caused by unconstrained emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is knowledge. I pride myself as being a competent scientist, engineer and communicator. The material provided is my way of assisting with the global education initiative that must take root and thrive. The educated will act accordingly and our children and their children will enjoy this planet, Earth, as we have.

  • I have presented a short course on the science of global warming and climate change at the University of Calgary through the Faculty of Continuing Education once or twice a year since 2007 and twice to a local consulting engineering firm. The course does have a slight bias to presenting a Canadian perspective. The course is offered to individuals who do not necessarily have any academic or professional background on the subject. There are five three hour sessions with five assignments. It is given over a five week period. Attendance is compulsory. Upon completion students are able to continue learning and studying the subject independently.

  • The objective of sharing the course content and resource material on this web site is to communicate a reasonably successful approach to presenting the science of global warming and climate change to individuals, organizations and educators, who might want to learn about the science of global warming and climate change or want to develop a course of their own and may find my ideas useful.

  • There is no intention to provide a self-guided course though this may soon develop. The problem is that the knowledge of the science of global warming and climate change is rapidly growing despite the impediments being placed by those actively discouraging the process.

  • The PowerPoint presentations will be difficult to follow. They were prepared with the view that there would be a knowledgeable instructor guiding the course participants through the material. Again, the intention is not to provide a self-guided course - just the "bones" of a successful learning approach.

  • The Web - Books - Media section is intended to be a useful resource for the study of global warming and climate change. Keep in mind that science is SCIENCE - and the critical science of global warming and climate change has been pretty well understood since the late 1980s, has continued to improve since then and will continue to improve in the future. The web sites and books have been carefully selected and do provide a very good resource to learn and rebut the aggressive misinformation campaigns currently raging. There are good web sites and books that I have missed and I would appreciate any suggestions. Also, web sites change their identity and come and go so I would appreciate if problems were shared with me. I will be updating this feature (and perhaps the GWCC section generally) every few months.

  • I've included copies of the latest assignments. They are interesting in their own right.


    Try not to get overwhelmed. Just start exploring. The information is there.


    Dave Manz, PhD, P.Eng.
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Copyright claimed by David H. Manz. October 20, 2014.