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    For optimal understanding of the BSF and its applications, Dave suggests a review of the website in the following sequence:

    1) The Household Concrete Design: BSF Technology (Academic Article)

    2) Comparison: Traditional Slow Sand Filtration (TSSF) and BioSand Filtration (BSF) (Principles of Design)

    3) Guidance Manuals

    4) Construction Manuals

    5) Case studies - our In The Field page

    After that... just explore!

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    BSF Home
    Introduction to the BioSand Water Filter

    Dave answers frequently asked questions.

    How It Works
    BSF design, function, construction, operation, advantages, performance, and comparisons - explained in clear detail.
    The Basic Concepts Behind the BSF, in Images
    Principles of Design
    Use of the BSF
    Construction of Concrete Filter: Manuals
    The BSF: Removal Applications
    Performance Evaluation - Methodology
    Other Sand Filter Technologies

    In The Field
    Reports on BSF tests, prototypes, evaluations, installations, training, and workshops from all over the world. From 1991 to present.

    Construction Manuals
    A page devoted only to downloadable construction manuals.

    Guidance Manuals
    A page devoted only to downloadable guidance manuals.

    All of our relevant publications, available online in PDF format.
    General Information
    Academic Articles
    Guides and Manuals

    Media & Responses
    BSF in the press, and feedback from users and others involved with BSF.

    Other Resources
    Helpful external links relating to water issues, filtration, and BSF.
    General Water Resources
    Government Reports

    Site Guide (above)
    Dave Manz provides a guide for new visitors to the site.