Introduction to The BioSand Water Filter

In 1990 the first ideas for the development of the BSF were born. Since then, numerous individuals and supporting organizations have been trained in the use and application of models specifically designed for humanitarian projects around the world. These individuals passed on their training to others, and over the past decade hundreds of BSF projects have been established. The technology was patented and commercial versions were designed, manufactured and marketed.

 Most BSF's are used by individual families, often shared with extended family members, friends and neighbours. The safe water produced is used for drinking, food preparation, personal hygiene and sanitation. Most of these BSF's have a capacity to produce between twenty and sixty litres of water per hour.

BSF locations worldwide
Several community-scale BSF systems are currently operating in North and Central America. Unfortunately, community scale systems delivered to Africa were never installed due to political unrest. The smallest systems provide water for several families while the largest provide water for tens of thousands of people.

BSF's are used alone or in combination with pre- and post-treatment to remove water borne pathogens (helminths, parasites, bacteria and viruses), particulate matter, colour and other DOC, BCOD, organic toxins and inorganic toxins such as arsenic and mercury. BSF systems capable of removing fluoride are currently being developed.

-- Dr. David H. Manz, P. Eng., P. Ag. November 2014